Cheese, Gourmet Food, Hard cheese

Old Amsterdam

Old AmsterdamIn need of a new crowd-pleasing cheese for your Fourth of July party? Look no further! Bottle King’s Vineyard Markets have just gotten in a huge shipment of one of my favorites: Old Amsterdam.

An oldie-but-goodie, Old Amsterdam was my first love in the world of Aged Goudas. Made in Holland and aged for roughly 12 to 18 months, it is given the opportunity to develop some pretty incredible features. It has an amazingly rich and creamy texture, perfect for snacking and slicing, accompanied by a robust, nutty, and slightly caramel-y flavor. There’s even a slight bit of crunch in it–which I always love

If there’s any time to enjoy this cheese, it’s now. Spice things up this weekend and try melting it on top of your burger, grate it on top of your pasta when you get sick of Parmesan, throw it in your mac and cheese, or try using it instead of Vlaskaas in this cheese fondue recipe.

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