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Carrie’s Triple Chocolate Espresso Bean Cookies

I love chocolate. When I’m having a rough day? Eat a piece of chocolate. Got a headache? Eat a piece of chocolate. So you can imagine my response when Carrie, lead of the Vineyard Market at the Livingston Bottle King, dropped off to me what looked like fudgy dark chocolate chip cookies–and they were so much more than that. Loaded with chocolatey goodness and a punch of espresso bean, these cookies are really something to savor.

Pick up a container of Moyer’s Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans from your local Bottle King Vineyard Market and get baking with the recipe below!

Triple Chocolate Espresso Bean Cookies
1 Cup Butter
2 Cups Granulated Sugar
2 Eggs
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
2 ½ Cups Cake Flour
2 Tablespoons Espresso Powder
¾ Teaspoon Baking Soda
¾ Teaspoon Baking Powder
¾ Teaspoon Salt
½ Cup Cocoa Powder
¾ Cup Chocolate Chips
5 oz Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans plus extra for the top

Preheat Oven to 360.
In a medium bowl whisk together the dry ingredients and set aside.
Next, beat together the butter and sugar in a mixer until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time. Add vanilla.
Now add the flour mixture into the wet slowly. The dough should be thick and moist.
Add the chocolate chips and espresso beans.
Drop cookie dough by rounded teaspoon full onto lined baking sheets and bake for 10 minutes turning after 5. As soon as you take the cookie trays out of the oven place an espresso bean on the top of each cookie.

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