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The Perfect Cheese Platter for that Bridal Shower

Lately, it just feels like everyone I know is getting married–and all around the same time, too! If you’re in charge of throwing your best friend or family member a bridal shower, we’ve got your perfect centerpiece for the snack table: a cheese platter, of course! Helped out by the cute little rhyme we’re all so familiar with (something old, something new…), this collection of cheeses provides a little something for everyone’s taste buds. We’ve edited that rhyme a bit and it goes like this: something old, something new, something stinky, something blue.
Check out the cheeses we picked out from our selection here at the Vineyard Market:

image1Something old: Beemster XO- Extra Aged
An oldy but goody, this little number has been featured as our Cheese of the Month in the past. A Gouda aged for 26 months, this cheese has a great robust flavor with butterscotch notes. A hard cheese, great for chunking off pieces of; a little bite is all you need.

Something new: Capricho de Cabra Chevre
This one is one of my favorite goat’s milk cheeses. It’s creamy with a clean, not-too-tangy flavor and very mild citrus undertones. Try pairing it with some Dalmatia Orange Fig Spread to really “wow” the guests.

Something stinky: St. Albray
Whenever we cut a new wheel of this guy, the employees are wondering “What in the world is that smell?” A washed rind cheese with a bite much softer than its bark, St. Albray has a slightly pungent and earthy but buttery flavor. Let it sit out for a while as it gets to room temperature and it gets scrumptiously nice and gooey.

Something blue: Danish Blue
Looking as if it’s going to have an overwhelming punch of flavor, it’s numerous blue-green veins are misleading. With a nice subtle piquancy, Danish Blue is a great cheese for crumbling or cubing while cold or even smearing on a cracker as it warms up.

Arrange these four beauties on a plate alongside some Waterwheel Crackers and your favorite spread, nuts, or cured meats; the rest of the party is sure to love it.

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