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“Enjoy me with…” Cheddars – September Cheese of the Month

Well, folks, it’s finally here! The long awaited September Cheese of the Month–or should I say Cheeses of the Month? We’ve got not one, but three cheeses that’s we’re excited to share for a special price this month: Enjoy me with White Wine, Enjoy me with Red Wine, and Enjoy me with Beer. Due to such high demand and the line being so popular, it took us a couple of extra weeks to get our hands on these guys.

Some of the most frequently asked questions that we get in the Vineyard Market are concerning cheese and beer or wine pairings. These three varieties of cheddar make it simple and sweet for you, stating in their name exactly what sort of beverage they pair best with. A brand new item from Somerdale, a British cheese distributor seeking out the best of their country’s cheeses to share with the rest of the world, the “Enjoy me with…” line was showcased for the first time at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show back in June, making it still pretty new to the market.Somerdale COTM

All three cheeses are complex and unique to one another. Enjoy me with Beer is a crumbly and rich smoked cheddar. Take one bite and you’ll have a hard time not noticing the bold smoky flavor it exerts–a perfect pairing for many chilled brews.

Check out the Enjoy me with White Wine: a nicely contrasting, strikingly orange-colored cheddar with a robust and savory bite, great for a variety of fresh or buttery white wines. For any of our previous Red Fox lovers, this choice is a nice substitute.

Last–but certainly not least–of the trio is the Enjoy me with Red Wine. This one contrasts the darkness of red wine with its pure white coloring; it’s creamy, smooth, and nutty–a great choice for many reds.

As usual, I love me some crusty artisan bread with my cheese, such as our bread from Il Forno bakery (from the Bronx), and fresh fruit or nuts are always a welcomed accompaniment. Not feeling a drink or any fancy additions? Just chow down on the cheese by itself! “Enjoy me with…” cheddars are so tasty and versatile, you can also use them in any recipes that call for a cheddar cheese.

At an unbeatable sale price of $4.99 per piece, this is one deal you don’t want to miss out on.

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