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Guinness Chips

Being part of a liquor store, our Vineyard Market team is always on the lookout for some tasty gourmet treats to tie in with our huge beer and wine selection. The latest we’ve found is these Guinness potato chips. When our Vineyard Market lead in Livingston, Carrie, first tried them, she fell in love. After some begging to bring them in, we received our first shipment a few weeks ago to sell in stores, and so far they’ve been a huge hit! If you think generic potato chips are where it’s at, then it’s time to think again.

guinness chipsPartnered with Burt’s Chips, these Guinness Chips are just as they say on the bag: “thick cut” and “hand cooked”. You can even see which master cooker hand-cooked up your batch on the back of your bag and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can learn a bit about them by clicking HERE.

Coming from the UK, we’ve got two varieties of Guinness Chips available in our Vineyard Markets: Original flavor and Rich Chili. Being that they’re thick cut, both flavors have a nice crunch to them, similar to that of kettle chips but with a bit less resistance. The Original flavor gives you a nice smoky and almost chocolate-y flavor with the perfect note of saltiness. Pair ’em with some Guinness Draught for a big punch of flavor.guinness-rich-beef-chilli

The Rich Chili Guinness Chips are probably not exactly what you’d expect–they certainly weren’t what I expected, which was for them to be spicy! These chips are more of a chili flavor than hot-chili, so please do not let the name scare you away from giving them a try! These are totally worth a taste. With a bit more of a savory flavor, the Rich Chili Chips are reminiscent of seasoned roasted potatoes, with a bit of a tomato-y flavor on the finish. Soooo good.

Whichever way you choose to go, these Guinness Chips aren’t something you want to pass up.

2 thoughts on “Guinness Chips”

  1. Where in New York area are these toasted cheddar thick cut chips available hooked they are outrageously delicious Denise Kelly

    1. Hi Denise,

      Unfortunately Bottle King stores are currently only located in New Jersey. However, if you’re looking for some Guinness Chips, try asking your local Shop Rite or World Market!

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