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Vemont Cremont – October Cheese of the Month

Vermont-Butter-and-Cheese-Creamery-ColorVermont Creamery has to be one of my favorite producers of dairy products. I still remember my first taste of their award-winning goat cheese Bonne Bouche–I was hooked right away. And then when we first got in their Cremont? It was love at first bite! Cremont is made from a blend of goat and cow’s milk. With the addition of a little Vermont cream, Cremont is born.

When compared to the rest of Vemont Creamery’s line of dairy delights, Cremont seems to have a touch of everything: a rich and nutty touch from the Vermont cream, a smooth and luscious texture like Bonne Bouche, and of course Vermont Creamy’s signature geotrichum rind. Definitely let this guy sit out for about a half an hour before taking a taste; you want all of its flavors to unfurl. If you do it right, it’ll slice like warm butter, and the cream line just around the interior will ooze.Cremont 2

The cow’s milk in Cremont gives a nice roundness to the cheese, while the goat comes through with a subtle tang at the end of each bite, and the addition of cream makes for a richness that’s hard to describe. Made individually by the piece, each Cremont is shaped by hand and aged for two weeks, making for a gorgeous display on a cheese board.  If you’re trying to impress your guests or even just looking for a special late night treat to yourself, Cremont is the way to go.

With such incredible and deep flavors, this cheese needs no dressings! If you want to try something different, however, slather it on some crusty Pane de Puglia with some fig jam and you’ll swear your taste buds have been transported to heaven.

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