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Vampire Slayer – October feature

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s back!Vampire Slayer

Aside from the perfect weather and beautiful color-changing leaves, October always brings along a friend that I can’t wait to devour. From Calkins Creamery in Pennsylvania (should’ve been Transylvania…), we bring you Vampire Slayer! Always a favorite in our Vineyard Market, this guy is back just in time for the ghoulish holiday at the end of the month.

Made in batches, I’ve noticed that this tasty cheese tends to vary a bit in flavor every year. We just cut open our first wheel this morning and I think this batch has been my favorite so far. Still a gorgeous pale white color with marbled paprika flecks throughout, this cheddar-based cheese is full and creamy. Compared to last year, it’s a little more season-heavy, with the garlic and onion really pulling through–a big plus for me!

Amazing to snack on, delicious in an omelette or mashed potatoes, mouth-wateringly good melted on top of some roasted chicken; this treat is sure to keep all the fang-toothed baddies away.

As always, this gem is available in limited quantities; once it’s gone, it’s gone. Get it while you can!

Want to read some more on Calkins Creamery? Check out our past posts on it HERE and HERE.

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