Gourmet Food

Gettin’ figgy wit’ it!

So we’re finally starting to get some of that unmistakable “Fall weather”–one of my favorite times to be outside. The pure blue skies and mid-60 degree days are perfect for taking a walk or going pumpkin picking, like I did last weekend! As soon as I got home from my adventure, I was in the mood for a sticky-sweet snack. That’s when I remembered what I had waiting for me in the pantry: La Gruta del Sol Fig Cake.

Fig Cakes
Digging into our Fig Cake with Mixed Fruit at the store!

Coming in cute little 8.8oz. wheels from Spain, there are three varieties: Original, Almond, and Mixed Fruit. These cakes are made by crushing up dried but moist figs and then pressing them together. We tried the Fig Cake with Mixed Fruit here in the Glen Rock Bottle King and fell in love. In addition to the juicy pieces of fruit on top there are also what appear to be walnuts and Marcona almonds, allowing for a nice crunch and subtle saltiness to compliment the sweetness of the figs and fruit.

The Almond variety makes a gorgeous presentation; the nice warm-brown color of the fig cake is topped with chopped almonds. I loved tasting this one because it gives such a nice play on texture, with each bite giving a satisfying crunch from the nuts. Now you’re probably wondering, “How does the Original Fig Cake stack up?” Don’t worry folks, this one fails to disappoint. An example of simplicity at its finest, this treat is exploding with flavor and is sure to please fig-lovers of all kinds.

All three varieties of La Gruta del Sol’s Fig Cakes are super delicious and super moist–two things that are sometimes hard to find in the world of fig cakes! They’re amazing on their own as a snack as well as a great pairing with cheese (a tradition in Spain), honey or jams, and charcuterie.

Be sure to check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market to see if they’ve got these yummy snacks in stock!

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