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Boo! The perfect quick-and-easy Halloween cheese board

Growing up, my sister was always obsessed with Halloween; as soon as October hit it was “Pull out the decorations, fam!” And this year was no exception: the spooky light-up bat eyes have been hung in the bushes and the front door has been wrapped in bright yellow “CAUTION!” tape. Now all we need is a spooky cheese plate to go along with it!Halloween Cheese Board 2

Brie with Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves
What says Halloween more than a gooey piece of Brie slathered with some ominously blood-red jelly?! Pick your favorite Brie (we used Brie D’Amir for this one) and crack open a jar of Rothschild Farm’s Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves. Grab a spreader and go nuts! The more preserves you use, in my opinion, the better.

Tomme des Pyrenees with Peppercorn
A new addition to our Vineyard Markets, this creepy delight is super creamy with a unique peppery flavor that’s sure to wake up the dead! Wrapped in a Frankenstein-green wax, this cheese is a must-have for this holiday.

Calkins Creamery Vampire Slayer
Could a Halloween cheese board be complete without this cheese? I think not! Keep those baddies away and ensure that you have a fang-free night with this secret weapon: a flavorful cheddar marbled with garlic and paprika (read more about it HERE).

Boo Chips
And of course, we’ve got one more special limited-time treat to share in the spirit of Halloween. Called “Boo Chips”, these little guys are potato chips made in the shape of ghosts! With a light airy texture and a nice crisp taste, a bag of our Boo Chips is sure to make your fellow ghouls feel right at home.

* Be sure to let your cheeses come to room temperature before serving to your guests and ghouls to get the ultimate tasty bite.

Want more fun Halloween food ideas? Check out Kara’s previous post HERE.

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