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Société Roquefort – November Cheese of the Month

Well everybody, it’s November, officially marking the start of the holiday season–can you believe it? I feel like this year has just flown by! We’ve been lucky to have a few more warm days this week, but with winter right around the corner it’s time to start shifting our palates towards warmer-feeling treats: more red wine and more big and bold rich cheeses.

SocieteIntroducing our November Cheese of the Month: Société Roquefort. Often referred to as the “King of Blues”, take one taste and you’ll quickly see why! This cheese is one of the ancients, in production for hundreds of years and remarked upon by famous philosophers and kings. So where exactly did Roquefort first come from? As with a lot of historical things, it’s hard to track down its origins, but there is a pretty neat legend behind it:

“Ages ago, at the base of the Combalou Mountain, an ardent shepherd spotted a beautiful young woman. He ran after her leaving behind his flock and forgetting his meal, composed of bread and ewe’s milk curds, in a cave. As he couldn’t find the beautiful shepherdess after days of searching, the shepherd came back to his flock and the cave where he found his less than appealing meal. The ewe’s milk curd was now marbled with green veins and the bread had molded. Starving, he tasted the cheese: the Penicillium Roqueforti had worked its magic transforming his cheese into Roquefort…So says the legend!”

– Retrieved from Société’s website.

Société has been producing this one-of-a-kind cheese since 1863 with their own traditional methods and recipe. The cheese itself has been given Europe’s P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin), meaning that it must be manufactured in a specific area and have specific characteristics that meet certain requirements in order for it to be called Roquefort.

A tasty bite of Roquefort slathered on a Waterwheel cracker and topped with some Naturello Sour Cherry Preserves.
A tasty bite of Roquefort slathered on a Waterwheel cracker and topped with some Naturello Sour Cherry Preserves. The store manager here loved it!

Made with raw sheep’s milk, Roquefort is big and bold in every bite. With a bright ivory color and gorgeous green veins, it’s crumbly, yet incredibly smooth and rich. Aged for 2-4 months, each bite starts out mellow, and as it warms on your tongue it gets peppery, smoky, and even a little spicy with a nice salty finish. If you’ve got a nice Port wine or Sauternes tucked away somewhere, this is the cheese to pair it with. Try it alone on Waterwheel Crackers or add some Dalmatia Fig Spread or fruit preserves for a wonderfully contrasting flavor.

Being our Cheese of the Month for the first of the holiday months, we’re able to offer this incredible cheese at an incredible price.
normally $18.99/lb only 999 2

Get it while supplies last!

2 thoughts on “Société Roquefort – November Cheese of the Month”

    1. We were just as surprised as you at first! Come on down and see for yourself!
      Come by on the weekend and you might even be able to taste it at one of our full-service stores.

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