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Honey, have I got a treat for you

Being one with a sweet tooth, I often find myself craving some sugary treat or another–I even used to douse my fruits with sugar before eating them!–and honey is such a great alternative. Though finding a really good quality, untainted honey can be quite a task. Introducing Flo’s Grows Honey; honey as pure as you can get it.

While most of the honey you might be familiar with is an almost transparent golden color and with a syrupy consistency, this honey is a bit different. Flo’s Grows Honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized, not only giving it an sensational flavor but also making it thick and highly viscous when it’s not warm and giving it a rich almost grainy texture. Leaving this honey in its original raw form allows it to keep all of its natural antioxidants.
Fancying a thinner consistency that you can drizzle? Simply warm it up by sticking your jar of Flo’s Grows into a pot of hot water. Stir the honey within the jar until it thins out. – You can do this same thing to fix it when it begins to crystallize.

Flos GrowsThis amazing honey comes to us from Florence Fauls (Flo) and her family: Flo at the helm, her husband handling the serious business aspect, and one of her daughters helping out where needed (such as hand-labeling all the jars of honey).The real producers of the honey, Flo’s bees, live happily on a big ol’ 11 acre farm that the Fauls bought about 9 years ago. Only 4 years later did they start up their honey business. “It just sort of happened,” Flo says. Within the last few months they’ve gone from a little over 20 hives to 37 bee hives in total! In the summers, the farm also produces a variety of fruits, including tomatoes, and going into the winter they’ve also got apples. Once the winter season is in full swing, Flo’s happy bees take a vacation to California where they wait out the cold weather.

Flo, her family, and her bees are located in Far Hills, New Jersey, making this not only a raw honey but local as well. Local honey is beneficial and been said to help allergy-sufferers; if you’re allergic to pollen, consuming local honey can help by “dosing” you with the pollen that you’re negatively reacting to.

If you think honey is only good for putting in your tea, boy have you been misled. Here in the Vineyard Market, we’re always looking for an excuse to drizzle it on some goat cheese or a scrumptious blue cheese like Roquefort, our November Cheese of the Month. Flo and her daughter also suggest mixing it in with yogurt or using it to glaze a flank steak–they also swear it’s amazing on fish such as Salmon.

Whatever you do, this honey is seriously a must-try–and a great gift! If you’ve been used to that processed stuff all your life–you know, the kind that comes in the bear-shaped bottle?–then try Flo’s Grows Honey, and meet your new life. You’re welcome.

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