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Bring Boska home for the holidays!

All too many times I’ve brought some tasty cheeses home from work only to scour my kitchen drawers for the perfect knife to indulge with. Unfortunately, I end up with a big ol’ butter knife more often than not. So you can imagine my delight when we got in a gorgeous selection of high quality cheese knives at the Bottle King Vineyard Markets!

Boska slate Lg
Large serving slate by Boska


Boska indiv. knives
(from left to right) Cheesy knife, Brie knife, Cheese Slicer

Made by Boska and just in time for the holidays, I’m stoked to introduce three individually sold cheese utenils: a “Cheesy” knife, Brie knife, and cheese slicer; a four-piece mini cheese knife set: includes a Parmesan knife, spreading knife, cheese knife, and “cheesy” knife; and serving slates in two sizes: small and large. All utensils are made completely of stainless steel, giving them a beautiful and sleek look that’s perfect for indulging alone or showing off for company.

Boska cheese set 2
Mini cheese knife set

Boska is a huge name in the cheese world, and they’ve been around for over 100 years, producing their first cheesewares in 1896! Proud of their Cheesewares and confident in their quality, the company even includes a 10 year warranty on all of them.

With the holidays just about here, these wares make a great gift. Come on in and grab some Boska products for the cheese lover in your life!

Boska cheese set
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