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Rosey Goat & Winey Goat – January Cheeses of the Month

Sorry for the leave of absence, all! The holiday season left me with my hands too full to type! But rest assured, I’m back–and with two new cheeses for the new year. I give you Rosey Goat and Winey Goat: the ultimate goat-lover’s cheeses.

Rosey GoatBoth cheeses are semi-soft and filled with a punch of flavor. The Winey Goat, bathed in red wine, offers the hearty and tangy flavor of a traditional goat cheese with the subtle taste of wine. Rosey Goat begins with the same goat cheese base but is instead covered with rosemary along the outside, giving it a subtle but still noticeable fresh and herby flavor.Winey Goat

Both of these delicious cheeses come to our Vineyard Markets prepacked, so we’re able to offer them to you at the incredible sale price of $4.99 each! Enjoy them with some hearty bread or fruit and your favorite wine.

Pricing while supplies last.

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