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With Love, the Perfect Cheese Plate

Love is in the air!

Gosh time is flying this year. Didn’t we just finish arguing with our next door neighbor about who was going to win Super Bowl 50?


Valentine’s Day is so very close–only a couple of days away! So I’m here, of course, to give you some tasty suggestions for a cheese platter that will knock your socks off!

v day cheese board above.JPG

mini brillatMini Brillat Savarin: This is an incredible triple-crème from France. It’s super creamy and luscious and has a fairly mellow flavor profile–an unbelievable pairing with your favorite bubbly for you and your loved one. Produced in miniature wheels weighing around 7oz. each, these make a great presentation on your platter.

montchevre goat w. honeyMontchevre Goat Log with Honey: If you haven’t had honey on your goat cheese before, you’ve been sorely missing out. With just a little drizzle, the tanginess from the goat cheese gets the perfect compliment from the rich sweetness of the honey-because who doesn’t want a little something sweet on Valentine’s Day? And this gem from Montchevre creamery does all the work for you! Each 4oz. log comes premixed with honey already, so all you need to do is unwrap and indulge.

marinated mozz ballsMarinated Mozzarella: Great for sharing with your Valentine’s Day partner, made by Formaggio, bite-sized balls of fresh Mozzarella are marinated in a blend of olive oil and herbs, resulting in a tasty and savory bite. And even better yet, the leftover olive oil makes for an amazing snack on some crusty artisan bread alongside a bottle of wine.

.sartori cognac

Sartori with Cognac: This is a very special, limited release cheese that we get in for very special occasions. Sartori’s original Bellavitano cheese is aged for a minimum of 18 months before being steeped in a bath of Remy Martin Cognac for 7 to 10 days, resulting in an unforgettable and flavorful taste that’s sure to make for a memorable night.



champ grand noirChampignon Grand Noir: Well now, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little spice at night, right? I give you one of the richest and most decadent blues I’ve had. The creaminess of this cheese cuts through some of its pungency, though still leaving enough for even the most hardcore blue fans. Even people on-the-fence about blue cheese seem to fall in love with this guy!

This cheese plate is scrumptious on its own with some crusty bread or thin wafer crackers (like my favorite Waterwheels!), but feel free to dress it up with some fresh red grapes, pumpernickel bread, and salty mixed nuts.

Feeling a bit sweeter? No problem! We’ve got a great selection of chocolates and other sweet treats at our Bottle King Vineyard Markets to satisfy all of your heart’s needs.

What’s your favorite way to get cheesy on Valentine’s Day?

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