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New pasta in town

Just a few days ago, I had decided that I wanted to do something nice for my boyfriend: a little cheese board and some dinner. As I walked around the Vineyard Market here, I began picking out some of his and my favorite cheeses, including Brillat Savarin and St. Albray. I grabbed a chunk of Moliterno al Tartufo, a Pecorino-like cheese with deep veins of black summer truffles, and the gears in my head started turning–this would be amazing grated on top of some delicious pasta. Introducing: Deci’Ova Campofilone in three varieties- Linguine, Fettuccine, and Pappardelle.

Campofilone pasta

This wonder-in-a-box is imported straight from the pasta motherland, Italy. If you think that all pasta has been created equal, cook up a box of this stuff and prepare to reevaluate your life; those 99-cent boxes from the store can’t even compare. Deci’Ova Campofilone pastas are traditionally made artisan-style pastas, crafted using only two ingredients: flour and eggs. The term “deci’ova” actually translates to “10 eggs”, since the producers use up to 10 eggs for each kilogram (~2.2lbs) of flour. Once the sheets of pasta dough are formed with these two quality ingredients, each batch is hand cut using sharp knives and then dried to perfection for 24 hours at low temperatures.

Because there is no water used in the production of this unique product, the pasta actually doubles in size as it’s cooked and the cooking time is cut in half, taking around 5 minutes to make as compared to the usual store bought pasta at around 10 minutes. You can tell with the first bite that the Capofilone pastas have some more texture to them as well making them great at absorbing whatever dressing you choose, from a traditional marinara to a little garlic and oil.Campofilone pasta 2

Now let me tell you: for me, it’s all about the little things. So you can imagine how excited I was when noticed this new line of pasta in the Bottle King Vineyard Markets. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait until later that night to cook it up for my boyfriend–I decided to cook it up for the customers first!

Each box comes packed with two trays of pasta. I cooked one tray of the Linguine here in a pot of boiling water with salt, drained it, added some Rao’s Tomato Basil Marinara, and finished it off with a generous sprinkle of Moliterno al Tartufo and a crumble of Maretti Bruschette Pizza for some crunch. It was such a hit! I’ve already had some customers come back in and tell me how good it was when they made it at home too. Feel free to experiment with different sauces and cheeses or to add anything that you think sounds yummy.

If you give it a try, let us know!

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