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Beemster Royaal – April Cheese of the Month

“This Beemster cheese is fit for a king…literally” boasts the Beemster website–and it’s true! Beemster Royaal is such a special cheese that it qualifies to be served at the Royal Court of the Netherlands. And all month long, we’ll be featuring this tasty gem as our Cheese of the Month for April, which means it’ll also be sold at a special price: only $9.99/lb!

Beemster RoyaalAt first glance, Beemster Royaal identifies with an Aged Gouda; its bright orange coloring and pie-shaped cuts. At first taste, it’s what you’d expect from an Aged Gouda, plus so much more. Aged for 4 months, Royaal is creamy and smooth, almost melting in your mouth, and still accompanied by a few little crunches here and there (that tyrosine stuff we love so much). It has a great flavor profile, robust with all the nuttiness you’d expect as well as a little bit of sweetness. But even those descriptions don’t do this cheese justice– you really must get your hands on some and try it for yourself.

So besides just devouring the stuff by itself, what can you do with Beemster Royaal? Well for starters you can make a kick-butt grilled cheese or cheese fondue that’ll blow your  memories of these classic foods out of the water. Melt it in your next omelette? You bet. You can also enjoy it with fresh figs or strawberries and some walnuts for added crunch. And certainly don’t forget your beverage of choice: Royaal goes well with fruity whites and crisp brews, but don’t let that stop you from trying it with your favorites.

Have you had other Beemster products before? Let us know what you think about this one!

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