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Simply Sweet & Salty Goat Log

I love my mother. And I love brunch.

So you can see how Mother’s Day is something I look forward to.

When the siblings and I are feeling lazy, we skip the home cooking and bring my mom out Goat Log w Apricots and Almondsto a tasty brunch at a local restaurant–but usually not before we snack on some goodies from my job. You guessed it: cheese! My mom’s a big fan of the dairy delights I often bring home (like the Chocolate Cheese I wrote about last week), so I always like to be prepared with something extra special for Mother’s Day. This year, I found this great little recipe for a rolled goat cheese log. It’s salty, sweet, and fresh all in one bite. And best of all- it’s super easy to make.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 piece Vermont Goat Cheese Log
  • 2 to 3 tbsp. Vineyard Market Salted Almonds
  • 2 to 3 Wild & Raw Dried Apricots
  • 1 tsp. fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1/2 jar Naturello Apricot Preserves
  • Flo’s Grows Honey, for drizzling

How to do it:

  • Remove goat log from protective packaging and soften to room temperature.
  • Spread preserves on a cheese tray or serving dish.
  • Place almonds in a bag or in between two sheets of paper towel and crush using a blunt object (like a rolling pin).
  • Chop dried apricots and mix with parsley & crushed almonds.
  • Roll goat cheese in the mixture, pressing gently to coat.
  • Set goat cheese log atop preserves & surround with crackers and fresh fruit, if you’d like.
  • Finish off with a hearty drizzle of honey.



*Original recipe & photo from here.

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