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Get jammin’ with Belberry Preserves

This post comes to us from Viv at the Morris Plains Vineyard Market.

BelberryAs you know, like my fellow cheesemongers, I love cheese. Of course I enjoy it plain by itself, but once in a while I really like to spice my cheeses up a bit with some sort of accompaniment. A new arrival to the Vineyard Market at the Morris Plains Bottle King is a variety of Belberry cheese & fruit delices–“delice” meaning “delight” in French–but I often just refer to them as preserves or jams.

The Belberry company was founded in 1956 in Belgium by Andre-Vanderefuen, and they’ve been producing some of the finest jams and preserves in the world ever since.

In my opinion, no cheese board is complete without some fruit or jam. Both can be enjoyed separately, but pairing the two together really creates a “wow” factor, bringing out some intense flavors that might otherwise be missed.

There are three different Belberry jams that we’re currently carrying in the Bottle King Vineyard Markets:

  • Raspberry & Star Anise
  • Figs & Black Pepper
  • Apricot Cumin

Each flavor is intense and complex in its own way, and no matter which you choose, they all make a great first impression. We’ve paired these jams with assorted cheeses and other accompaniments that are easy to prepare and will surely impress your guests. They can also make for a healthy snack. Check out some ideas below!

Viv Belberry ingredients


This first bite is rich and bold, with the gooey, earthy Taleggio complimented perfectly by the sweetness of the Raspberry & Star Anise delice.

  • Pumpernickel bread
  • Taleggio cheese
  • Belberry Raspberry & Star Anise
  • topped with olive and freshly cut arugula
Viv Belberry Raspberry closeup


This next one has a nice creaminess from the Brie matched with a brightness from the jam and slice of orange.

  • Mini Croccantini
  • Brie cheese
  • freshly cut arugula
  • wedge of blood orange
  • Belberry Apricot & Cumin

Viv Belberry Apricot

Have you tried Belberry’s preserves before? What do you like to pair them with? Let us know in the comments below!

Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for availability on this product.

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