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Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar – June Cheese of the Month

As a wise young man once told me… cheddar is better. And this month I couldn’t agree more.

Meet our Cheese of the Month for June: Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve.

Wyke 2

A blast from the past for some, you might remember this cheese from last February when it first made its debut in our Vineyard Markets.

Wyke Farms has a long history of cheesemaking for over 150 years. Family owned and operated, they’ve been producing cheeses using traditional methods and the family’s original recipe from their grandmother Ivy for generations. This particular cheddar, the Ivy’s Vintage Reserve, is named especially after Grandma Ivy and is aged to perfection for a minimum of 15 months. Each piece is savory with a full-mouth feel and a hint of tangy sweetness. The aging process creates some little bits of crunch throughout the body of the cheese–for all you tyrosine lovers out there–while still keeping a super creamy texture overall and a really extraordinary flavor.


I’m pretty picky about my cheddars–there are just so many out there to choose from–so trust me when I tell you that this one is worth the taste. A delicious snack with some Tresors crackers and fresh red grapes or ripe strawberries, I’ve enjoyed this cheese with an oaky Chardonnay, like Block 525, to result in a super buttery taste for a playful take on texture; or even a Cabernet Sauvignon, like Sonoma Station, as the fat in the cheese will coat your mouth to help overcome some of those big tannins.

On special for $9.99/lb, this cheddar is seriously a steal.

And did I mention it’s dad-approved? Stash a piece away for the upcoming Father’s Day and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Wyke 1
Try with a little Red Pepper Jelly to kick it up a notch!

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