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Carr Valley Bread Cheese – the perfect 4th of July griller

Yay! Another holiday is finally here! Which means more fun parties and more food! My favorite.

I especially like the 4th of July for the same reason I like Memorial Day–it usually implies a barbeque. And boy do I love my barbeques. I love the weather, the smells, the feels of summer, and best of all the food.

And so in honor of this love of mine, I’ve decided to dig up an oldie-but-so-goodie to share with you: Carr Valley Bread Cheese.
(Check out our original posts on this tasty treat here and here.)

I’ve noticed that many people have never heard of bread cheese before. For starters, there’s absolutely no bread involved at all–just cheese. So what is it? In short, it’s a prebaked cheese, making it ideal for cooking since it maintains its form and gets a nice crisp on its outside. It’s got a sort of squeaky texture and relatively mild flavor, but my gosh is it good. Enjoy it plain as is, or try it in some of these ways below!

  • Grill it! It is July 4th weekend after all, and grilling it creates an amazing crust around the outside. Then, eat it plain or dip in BBQ sauce!
  • Slice into strips and fry in a frying pan until each side gets a nice crust. Dip in marinara sauce for cheesy “bread” dippers
    Tip: Don’t butter or grease the pan–the cheese will do that for you!
  • Warm in a pan on the stove or nuke in the microwave and slather with jam or preserves
  • Heat in the oven, cover top with pepper relish, & heat in the oven some more for a pizza-esque treat
  • Stick in a waffle iron and then drizzle with real maple syrup for breakfast

There are honestly so many ways you can enjoy Carr Valley Bread Cheese. We’ve cooked it in store here a number of times and it’s quickly become a staff favorite.

How do you enjoy your bread cheese? Let us know!

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