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Laura Chenel Cabecou Herb – July Cheese of the Month

Whew! The holidays are finally past us again–at least for a little while. And what a better way to wind down than with a brand new yummy cheese!

This month we bring you an incredible new goat cheese: Laura Chenel’s Cabecou Herb.

Laura Chenel Cabecou Herb.jpg

Laura Chenel was a pioneer of commercializing goat cheese in the U.S. She began her company in 1979 in California with the mission of making goat cheese a sought-after American food. She traveled to France and worked alongside a handful of cheesemakers before returning to create her own goat-y masterpieces. The Laura Chenel company was sold in 2006 to Rians Group, a group that buys small family producers with the promise of maintaining their original integrity and traditions. Today, the creamery has been awarded for its environmental achievements with their “green creamery” and continues to use only local dairy that is GMO and rBST free. This is how we’ve come to discover the goat cheese wonders that are Cabecou!

A nice domestic cheese hailing from Sonoma in California, Cabecou (CAH-beh-coo) is a fresh goat log that has been sliced into discs and dried for about a week before being marinated in an oil mixture. Laura Chenel currently produces two varieties: Spicy and Herb. Currently, all Bottle King Vineyard Markets are carrying the Herb as our new featured Cheese of the Month. Coming in an adorable little pail, each tub contains about 4 goat discs that have been soaked in a marinade of bay leaf, peppercorn, and other fresh herbs, resulting in a luxurious and savory bite.

I love love love this cheese on some fresh artisan bread, so you can really soak up some of the oil. Pair it with a bright Sauvignon Blanc or even a Champagne for some play on texture.

To make things even better, being our Cheese of the Month we’re able to bring you this fantastic cheese at a fantastic price: $8.99 $5.99

Be sure to stop into your local Vineyard Market this weekend to have a taste!

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