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Missin’ you…

Hey fellow cheeselovers! It’s your favorite Bottle King cheesemonger, finally back in action!


I guess I must start this post with a big ol’ I’m sorry for not posting for as long as I did–or didn’t, I guess… But! It has not been in vain. In fact, over the last month we’ve been working our big hearts and little hands straight to the bone to make a big change at our Bottle King location in Glen Rock.

In case you haven’t yet heard: we moved! Only to right across the street, but it’s a brandy new store, built from the bottom up, and so much bigger–especially the Vineyard Market department (I know that’s really the only part you were concerned about anyway (; ). The first couple of weeks were packed with some new and curious faces checking out our new digs, and the last two weekends were a big party for our Grand Opening. Let me fill you in a little in case you couldn’t make it.


Weekend one we had a DJ playing some tunes right outside in the parking lot, alongside a row of super cool raffle items including a Corona canoe, a wooden Tito’s grill table, and a mini fridge shaped like the signature Coors mountains. We also had some friends from Oink and Moo BBQ come by in their food truck to feed our hungry customers with their delicious food. Not to mention the goings-on inside the store: a handmade cigar roller live in action, the owner of FunniBonz BBQ sauces sampling his products atop some pulled chicken, and a highend tasting of High West whiskeys.

Weekend two we were still going strong: the Polkadot Cupcake truck swinging through and doling out some mouthwatering cupcakes, more raffling of awesome items, a rep from Rao’s coming through and sampling their amaaaaaaaazing sauces (currently only $5.99 per 32oz. jar of Marinara!!! thru August, only at Glen Rock Bottle King), and a sampling of Hornitos tequila.

parm towerMy favorite part, however, might have been the very special demo by our very own Big Cheese, Joe, cracking open a gorgeous 90lb. wheel of real Parmigiano Reggiano! Of course, I filmed it–check it out and see how it’s done here.

It’s really been a crazy and fun experience and we’ve brought in a TON of new items to our once-little Vineyard Market here in Glen Rock, so keep checking in for updates! & if you haven’t stopped in already, we really hope to see you soon!

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