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September Cheese of the Month – Dziugas

And just like that, folks, summer has come to a close–more or less. While the official first day of Fall has yet to come, I’m sure most of us can agree that the time for sunny beach days is now a thing of the past in exchange for back-to-school and soon-to-come crisp weather.

Anyone else as excited as I am?

dziugas logo.png

If not, you will be once I tell you about our awesome new Cheese of the Month! I give you: Dziugas! Looks like a mouthful, I know, but it’s really quite simple with a nice soft “J” sound: joo-GAHS.

dziugas 36 1.png

Hailing from Lithuania–don’t worry, I didn’t know they made cheese either–this cheese is aged for 36 months, resulting in a hard and almost crumbly texture. And just wait until you take a bite. The flavors are bold and complex; nutty but with a subtle sweetness. Dziugas reminds me almost of an Italian-style hard cheese because it’s got a nicely sharp but well-balanced bite.

With so much flavor, Dziugas makes for a delightful pairing with many big red wines or even a Brown Ale or Saison. For some super tasty accompaniments, try it with fresh figs and prosciutto.

Bon appetit!

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