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Hold the phone for some Cafone!

This post comes to us from our previous assistant in the Morris Plains Vineyard Market, Viv –now promoted to being a lead in our Livingston, location!

Morris Plains was such a great store to work in and Karen (the lead there) has taught me so much of what I know when it comes to the food world–she was always coming up with some crazy concoctions of what to do with new items. Now having my own department, I’m so excited to continue experimenting on my own!  Check this out.

Cafone is an Italian Sheep‘s milk cheese that is fairly new to a few of our Bottle King locations. It’s milky, creamy, and delicate while still being rich in flavor and can be used in many different ways, most classically being put into a tasty summer salad. Recently we’ve discovered a pairing that’s great for all year round; it mimics a New York style cheesecake.

What you’ll need: (per piece)
  • A small slice of Cafone
  • A dollop of Belberry Raspberry & Star Anise
  • A piece of Tate’s Vanilla cookie

And just like that you can assemble it! This is a super simple, perfect, quick, and unique dessert that will please all of your guests at any gathering. And best of all, all of the ingridients used can be found at your local Bottle King!

I swear this treat is a winner. Let me know what you think!

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