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Fall’s favorite Cheddar- Flagship 4 Year

Apple picking season is among us!

I know this because I, along with a multitude of others, went apple picking with my family last weekend! And we had gorgeous weather for it–not too hot or too cold, and barely a cloud in the sky.

Whenever we have these family get-togethers, we usually conclude with a big old fashioned family dinner, and, since I’ve been in the Vineyard Market, I’m the one responsible for providing the appetizers (cheese, of course!).

This time around, I really wanted to find a cheese that worked well on a few levels: it had to go well with the two jams I was bringing (Belberry Raspberry & Star Anise + Rothschild Farm Pineapple Habanero) and it had to taste good alongside from freshly picked and cut crispy apples. And boy have I outdone myself.

Beecher's Flagship 4yr.JPGI give you Beecher’s Extra Aged Flagship, aged for a whopping 4 years! You might recall Beecher’s creamery from the Vineyard Market featuring their four signature cheeses as well as our field trip to their creamery nearby in New York City (for a refresher, click here).

This latest Beecher’s cheese we’ve got our hands on is aged for 30 months longer than their original Beecher’s Flagship cheddar. This gives it a way more developed flavor while still making it an incredibly approachable cheese. It’s rich and creamy with lots of little crunchy pieces within (yum!). Great served with your spoils from apple picking or just by itself cubed up. Fancy a glass of wine? Try this guy with a buttery Chardonnay to really bring out its richness.

* Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for stock of this tasty cheese.

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