October Cheese of the Month – St. Albans

I think it’s finally safe to say: it’s Fall, y’all! (please pardon use of cliché phrase…) Once October hits, all the things we love about autumn seem to surface: sweater weather, all things pumpkin & apple spice, and all things Halloween. And of course with the start of a new month, we here at the Vineyard Markets transition into a brandy new Cheese of the Month.

I’m so excited to share this new cheese with you, hailing from one of my most beloved creameries, Vermont Creamery!Vermont-Butter-and-Cheese-Creamery-Color

If you’re familiar with Vermont Creamery at all (check out a couple other posts on them here and here), you may recall that they’re famous for their variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses. Well folks, say hello to their first aged cow’s milk cheese and our new Cheese of the Month: St. Albans.

st-albans-com-blogJust like all of their other products, St. Albans comes in this gorgeous packaging that’s just super appealing and, more specifically, functional. Each little wheel comes packed inside a mini ceramic crock, ideal for baking the cheese within in the oven to make a gooey and delicious quick fondue! But before you bake it, I highly recommend trying it as is.

St. Albans is actually hand-shaped (literally) and aged for just 11 days, long enough to develop a thin and delicate rind. The flavor is pure decadence. Even before it’s at room temperature, St. Albans is ooey and gooey and full of deliciousness; rich and milky with just a slight bit of tang, almost reminiscent of the creamery’s Cremont cheese.

Looking for a pairing? Try St. Albans with a nice bottle of bubbly for some contrast. Accompaniments? Add a little apricot jam with a dash of cracked black pepper. And if you’re looking to go the fondue route, just warm in the oven until super melty and add a pinch of salt and pepper. No matter which way you  go, you won’t be disappointed with St. Albans at your table.

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