November Cheese of the Month – Urbani Truffle Cheese Spread

Is anyone else a little thrown off that it’s already November?

I feel like I may have felt the same thing when October rolled around, but c’mon now. November being here means that December is just around the corner (psst, and so are the holidays!).

So as you know, with a new month comes a new Cheese of the Month. And this one fits the bill for a fall/holiday Cheese of the Month quite nicely. If you remember my post last autumn about how great all things black truffle are, you’ll understand partly why. Super decadent and luxuriously truffle-y, meet Urbani’s Truffle Cheese Spread (cue fireworks).

Urbani logo.gifThe fantastic new cheese’s maker, Urbani, is a global leader in the truffle market, dominating over 70% of it. Started up in 1850 by Carlo Urbani, the company has been handed down through the generations and is still owned by descendents of the Urbani family to this day. Their classic traditions and years of experience are what ensure the utmost quality in all Urbani products–including our fantastic new Cheese of the Month.

This new Truffle Cheese Spread may look a little unassuming at first glace, but seriously do not let that fool you. Open up a container to reveal a pure, paper white, thick and buttery spread dotted with black truffles. I couldn’t resist taking my first bite by itself on a little tasting spoon–quite possibly the most richly decadent cheese I’ve had, and the truffle flavor is present but certainly not overwhelming.

Urbani cheese spread.jpg

I’m telling you, this stuff is going to be a crowd pleaser. Serve alongside some crostini and fresh fruit or chutney–YUM–or treat yourself for breakfast or lunch by slathering it on pumpernickel bread. Or you could be like me and just dig in with a spoon…

And the best part? This super-delicious-lusciously-rich-and-tasty-and-oh-so-divine treat is available in all Bottle King Vineyard Markets at the special price of only $7.99/tub!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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