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December Cheese of the Month – Mini Kunik

WOW. You know it’s going to be a crazy holiday season when I can barely find time to write on the blog (yikes!).

But don’t you worry, guys and gals, because you know I’d never return to you empty-handed. I may have taken a brief hiatus, but I’m coming back full-force with a delightful little gem of a cheese.

(Drumroll please….)

Say hello to our new Cheese of the Month: Mini Kunik!

Coming from a creamery that I personally love, Nettle Meadow, this cheese isn’t one to overlook. Appearing to be just a cute little wheel of brie, these little Kuniks are so much more.

Being a triple-crème made from a blend of predominantly goat’s milk with cow cream mixed in, Kunik is a sure choice for both goat-lovers and those on the fence about the usually-tangy milk because the addition of the cow cream really smoothes out that goaty flavor and adds an extra creaminess (no pun intended) to the texture.

One of the things I love about Nettle Meadow is that they’re a domestic and local company, hailing from just a short drive away in upstate New York. Weighing in at about 4oz. each, these mini wheels of Kunik are the perfect addition to any cheese platter or the perfect snack to split over a bottle of wine (or to eat by yourself over a bottle of wine…cough, cough…). For a killer pairing, enjoy Kunik alongside a nice bottle of bubbly with some fresh strawberries, or a freshly opened bottle of your favorite Belgian blond ale.


Now, I know what you’re wondering: you’re sitting there thinking, “Okay, so we’re just about at the end of this post and she still hasn’t told me what the heck a ‘Kunik’ is!”–don’t worry, the suspense would be killing me, too. The meaning is actually quite literal: the word “Kunik” translates to “snowball” in eskimo, which is a pretty close comparison for these pure-white, little cheese wheels.

And don’t think I’d let you down on the deals–Mini Kunik wheels are currently on sale for just $6.99 at your local Bottle King Vineyard Market. Grab yours before they’re gone!

*Availability may vary by store. Special pricing while supplies last.

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