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French Emmental

January tends to be a pretty slow month for us at the Vineyard Markets, so you can imagine my excitement when I’m sent a new cheese to try. This time around, it’s French Emmental. Now, I know it’s not brand-spanking new, but we haven’t had it in my store for as long as I can remember, so I’m excited to share it with you!

Image-1 (1).jpg

French Emmental is a classic cheese, some may call it Swiss-style due to its characteristically large holes throughout. Made in the Alsace region in France, Emmental has a slightly springy, yet slightly creamy texture and a mildly nutty flavor. To be honest, it almost makes me think of a combination between Havarti and Gruyere! Sounds a little odd, I know, but it’s actually really nice.

With such traits, French Emmental makes a delightful snacking cheese, yet it also melts beautifully. Try it grated atop your French Onion soup for a twist on the classic, or use it mixed into your favorite fondue–or pretty much for any type of melty-cheese application. Try snacking on it with your favorite Chardonnay or even Red Burgundy.

Currently available at your local Vineyard Market!


Please inquire with your local Bottle King for availability and tastings.

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