Dalmatia Spreads – sweet and savory additions

Some of you may not know this, but I actually used to be a cashier at Bottle King before I began working in the Vineyard Market. And let me tell you, before I had any firsthand experience with the gourmet food world, the only time I ate cheese was when it was melted on top of my pizza. Now? I couldn’t imagine a day where I’m not snacking on cubes or shmears of cheese!

So as you can imagine, I knew nothing of the world of accompaniments. For example, fig spread.

Three years ago if you said anything about fig spread, I probably would have looked at you like you had four heads and made a weird face at the thought of such a thing. But now? Come on people, FIG SPREAD. Do I really need to say more?

Anyways, I’m getting a bit off topic, but one of the first items I tried when I started working in the Vineyard Market was Dalmatia Fig Spread–and I was in love. A dollop on some goat cheese, spread on a cracker with some Brie, atop some blue cheese–don’t get me started.

So when I found out that this same company made far more than just fig spread, I was ecstatic. They’ve got olive tapenades, sour cherry spread, tangerine spread–and the latest additions to the Vineyard Markets: Fig Cocoa and Red Pepper spreads.

Both complete opposites on the flavor spectrum. But both SO good.

First I tried the Fig Cocoa (of course). Honestly it tastes exactly like I thought it would: figs and cocoa. It has a nice sweetness without being too overly sweet, followed by a richness from the cocoa, and then the finish is almost slightly earthy from the flavor of the figs. I could see this doing well in a number of dessert recipes, as part of a mole sauce, or as a nice accompaniment for your cheese platter; try it with some Brie or even a slice of Manchego!

Once I had my fill of the Fig Cocoa, I moved on to the Red Pepper Spread. Let me just start by saying:

Holy cow

this stuff is good.

Right off the bat I looked at the color of this spread and knew I would be in love. It has a slightly creamy and very spreadable consistency, and it’s packed with flavor. Seriously, I think I could eat an entire jar of this stuff with some crostini and be good to go. My first idea for this item is to use it instead of traditional tomato sauce on a personal pizza, but this item is actually super versatile. It would be great spread on some toasted baguette and topped with thinly sliced fresh mozzarella, as a sauce or topping for Mahi Mahi, or even mixed into your favorite creamy cheese to make a killer dip.

Sometimes I think it’s easy to just stick to what we’re used to when it comes to food, but these spreads from Dalmatia are definitely worth a try.

Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for availability!

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