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March Cheese of the Month – Mackenzie Sour Cherry Bourbon Chevre

Is anyone else ready to stow away their winter sweaters already? I mean come on now, this nice weather is just such a tease! Unfortunately though, spring is still a little while away, and although my allergies are in full swing (anyone else?), winter is certainly still upon us.

So to brighten your day a bit, I’m here to tell you all about our new Cheese of the Month for March: Sour Cherry Bourbon Chèvre from Mackenzie Creamery.

Before I start drooling over this cheese, let me just start by telling you a little bit about the creamery itself. A relatively young company, Mackenzie Creamery was created in 2007 by Jean Mackenzie after she took a cheesemaking class while she was on vacation–and just like that a love and passion for cheese was born. In the few months that followed, Jean Mackenzie became licensed to produce goat cheese in Ohio and Mackenzie Creamery was created. Today, the business continues to be family-run, with Jean’s son overseeing operations as the company continues to grow.

What I love so much about Mackenzie Creamery (aside from the fact that their products are delicious) is

A. I think their packaging is unique, playful, and creative and

B. the company has great values.

Mackenzie’s products are all natural and hormone-free, and the Creamery has played a big role in boosting the local economy in their area. By expanding the local market for goat cheeses, Mackenzie Creamery has increased the demand for these products and thus created more jobs for local farmers.

“Our handmade artisan goat cheeses are produced from goat milk purchased from a local dairy located just three miles down the road. The milk is all natural and contains no synthetic hormones, antibiotics or chemical compounds. It is gently transported from dairy to creamery, one of the factors that contributes to its rich, smooth qualities.” –Mackenzie Creamery

We first debuted this creamery back during the holidays with their Fig and Cognac Chèvre cups–which were out-of-this-world delicious. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out we were getting another variety with sour cherries and bourbon.


Each 4.5oz cup is filled about 1/3 of the way with sour cherries soaked in bourbon, and then the cup is filled the rest of the way with Mackenzie Creamery’s award-winning chèvre (French for “goat”). The way you’re supposed to serve it is to let it come to room temperature (take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes ahead of time) and then flip it upside down onto a dish so the cheese/cherries pop out. If you’re having any difficulty, just take a butter knife and just run it along the outside between the cheese and the container.

But oh my gosh is it so good. One of my assistants here doesn’t even really like goat cheese and he thought it was fantastic. The goat cheese is just soooooooo creamy, and the bourbon cherries have just the right about of sweetness.

This wonderful delight is absolutely perfect slathered on a baguette and served alongside a glass of red wine and some salted mixed nuts for contrast.

Now available at your local Vineyard Market–grab it before it’s gone!

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