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Lauren – Hi my name is Lauren.  I have been with the Vineyard Market at Bottle King for two years.  I love cheese!!  I never realized just how much I loved it until I began working here and all of these tantalizing cheeses were exposed to me.  Yes, I have definitely tasted some that I preferred to avoid…but I must say the spectacular far outweigh those “stinkers”!!  I recognize that preference is subjective.  I enjoy being in the stores and chatting with the great people that are in the industry as well as our cheese-sophisticated customers.  I enjoy the interaction with those who either want to know more about cheese or perhaps share their knowledge and stories with me.   I have decided to start a cheese blog.   I thought since I get to check out some unbelievably delicious and unusual cheeses, I could share my thoughts about them with you. (Would love to hear from you too.)

Kara – Hi everyone, I’m Kara and I have been with Bottle King for about 3 years now.  I started out in the Dumont location and about a year ago I took over as Cheese Lead in the Vineyard Market at Glen Rock’s Bottle King.  Growing up a picky eater, I was never exposed to cheese and the past year has been a whirlwind learning experience. I’m excited to share with you my favorite cheeses, my experiences with the Vineyard Market, and introduce you to some new and exciting products!

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  1. Donna says :

    I bought a cheese spread in the Morris Plains store and don’t remember the name. It was a goat cheese spread with what I believe was jalapeno peppers and some other hot and spicy stuff. Very hot and delicious. I don’t remember the name on the packaging. I thought it said Natural Market or something like that. I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t like near Morris Plains (over an hour away), but I was visiting and on my way home when I stopped at the store OMG, it was to die for, I was even eating it for breakfast on a cracker, Can you help? Thanks.

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