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New Snowdonia Cheeses

Just in time for the holidays, with limited stock, comes some delicious new cheeses from Snowdonia Cheese Company in Wales!  Ruby Mist, Red Storm, and Green Thunder are small, 7-ounce truckles of cheese in brightly colored wax, which are sure to not only brighten up your holiday cheese platter, but add a unique flavor among old favorites.

Ruby Mist is a delicious, creamy cheddar combine with the rich flavors of port and brandy.  Rich and indulgent, you can identify Ruby Mist by its berry colored wax.  Green Thunder is another creamy cheddar, packed with garlic and garden herbs–Snowdonia’s take on a classic flavor.  Red Storm is an 18 month aged Red Leicester, packing the strong, mature flavors of the classic British cheese while still having a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

These cheeses are scrumptious and only around for a limited time!  Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for availability!

Cheese, Hard cheese

Beehive Assorted Wedges – Seahive – July & August Cheese of the Month

beehive-logo-colorIf you missed my past two posts (HERE and HERE), then you missed what our Cheese of the Month is for July and August–a variety of 6-ounce wedges of the Beehive Cheese Company’s most popular cheeses!  You’ve previously read about Barely Buzzed and Big John’s Cajun, and today you’ll get to meet the simple yet flavorful Seahive!

seahiveTaking 3rd place at the 2011 American Cheese Society awards, Seahive is a fuller-bodied cheese made from pasteurized Jersey cow milk from northern Utah.  It is fairly smooth and creamy with a beautifully balanced, complex flavor.  Seahive is a cheddar-style cheese, hand-rubbed with local wildflower honey and RealSalt® sea salt, which is harvested from an ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah.  The flavor combination is phenomenal, combining bursts of sweet, fruity honey with the salty, sharpness of the cheese.  Seahive adds adventure and uniqueness to any cheese board.  It pairs beautifully with hoppy ales, fruity red wines, and even bourbon!  Try shaving a little bit of Seahive onto a salad–I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

We’ve got one more Cheese of the Month variety left, look out for it next week!

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Beehive Assorted Wedges – Big John’s Cajun – July & August Cheese of the Month

beehive-logo-colorIf you missed my previous post, then you missed what our Cheese of the Month is for July and August–a variety of 6-ounce wedges of the Beehive Cheese Company’s most popular cheeses!  Last week I introduced you to the first of the four cheeses, Barely Buzzed.  Today, you’ll get to meet Big John’s Cajun.

big-johns-cajun-wedgeHIGHRESBig John’s Cajun is another award-winner by the Beehive Cheese Company, its most recent being 3rd place in the 2012 American Cheese Society competition.  Like Barely Buzzed, Big John’s Cajun is vegetarian friendly and produced using Jersey cow milk.  The unique (and secret!) Cajun rub, which uses cayenne pepper instead of paprika, was developed by local Utah chef, John Dearmin.  The cheese pleasantly balances a sweet creaminess with a powerful punch of heat, making it a stand-out cheese for your next cheese board.  Pair it with any medium or full-bodied wine, or a fruity wheat beer.

Stay tuned for the next cheese, Seahive, next week!

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Beehive Assorted Wedges – Barely Buzzed – July & August Cheese of the Month

beehive-logo-colorThis summer we have not just one, but four featured cheeses!  For the months of July and August our Cheese of the Month is actually four varieties cheeses produced by the Beehive Cheese Company–Barely Buzzed, Teehive, Seahive, and Big John’s Cajun–each coming in 6-ounce wedges.  Today I will introduce you to Barely Buzzed!

Before you meet the cheese, though, you should meet the guys behind the cheese.  The Beehive Cheese Creamery was founded by brother-in-laws Tim Welsh and Pat Ford in 2005 when both decided to leave the corporate world for the slower-paced cheese making business.  They are among a handful of artisan cheesemakers from Utah, and have even gotten their kids involved in the business.

barely%20buzzed_HIGHRESBarely Buzzed,  their most popular cheese, has won numerous awards, including 1st Place at the American Cheese Society competition in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011.  It is a vegetarian friendly cheese made from Jersey cow milk and hand-rubbed with a unique blend of espresso and French Superior lavender.  Colorado Legacy Fine Coffee, owned by Tim Welsh’s brother, is the creator of the exclusive blend of South American, Central American, and Indonesian beans found on Barely Buzzed.

barely-buzzed-wedgeHIGHRESThe cheese is full-bodied, smooth, and creamy, with delicious flavors of caramel and butterscotch–not to mention the beautiful floral notes and a wonderful zip from the espresso blend.  A unique and must-try cheese, you can pair Barely Buzzed with any medium or full-bodied wine, as well as many ales, stouts, and ciders.

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Blu 61

Finding a really good cheese isn’t too difficult these days.  Artisanal cheeses are popping up just about everywhere from cheese shops, to the supermarket, to farmer’s markets.  It’s a rarer find to stumble upon an excellent cheese with a unique and heartwarming back story.  Blu 61 is one of those cheeses.  To know the story of Blu 61 you first need to know the story behind the creamery, La Casearia Carpenedo located in the Veneto region of Italy.  It was founded in the early 1900s after Ernesto Carpenedo spent some years working at a local cheese shop.  It is now run by his son, Antonio, and his grandsons, Ernesto and Alessandro.  Blu 61 was created to commemorate Antonio’s 50th wedding anniversary to his wife, Giuseppina.

Blu 61 is a beautiful and delicious cow’s milk blue cheese that is soaked in red wine and cranberries.  The hearty flavor typical of blue-veined cheeses is balanced out perfectly by fruity, berry flavors and a delicate hint of wine.  It’s a stunning cheese that deserves prime real estate on your next cheese board!

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NEW Flavored Raclette Cheeses at Ramsey Vineyard Market!

emmi roth racletteArriving brand new this weekend EXCLUSIVELY to Ramsey Bottle King’s Vineyard Market are three unique cheeses by Emmi Roth Creamery in Wisconsin.  Mediterranean Raclette, Roasted Garlic Raclette, and Five Peppercorn Raclette put a new spin on a traditional cheese.  Raclette is a creamy, sometimes pungent, Swiss-style cheese generally served as a main dish by melting one side, scraping the melting portion off, and consuming with potatoes, bread, and meat.  With these three new flavors, Emmi Roth hopes to make Raclette cheese more of a go-to for Americans  The addition of these various spices mellows out the slight pungency of Raclette and makes them perfect for cooking with or as a simple table cheese.

Mediterranean Raclette is full of garlic, black olives, and sundried tomatoes, making it a perfect cheese for pizza or melting into pastas.  Pair this one with your favorite Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio wine.  Roasted Garlic Raclette gives of delicious and delicate garlic flavor, adding an amazing depth to an already flavorful cheese.  Another one that is perfect for pasta or stuffed mushrooms!  Pair with Chardonnay or an Amber Ale.  Five Peppercorn Raclette has a very distinct, sharp flavor from the addition of five peppercorns from around the world.  This is definitely my new favorite cheese to melt on a hamburger!  Pair with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir.  Stop into Ramsey Bottle King this weekend to give these new cheese  try and give us feedback!

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Sao Miguel Cheese – June Cheese of the Month

IMG_1059Happy Summer everyone! To help us celebrate the month of Dads & Grads, we have a brand new Cheese of the Month–Sao Miguel cheese!

Hailing from the Azores Island of Sao Miguel , this cheese of the same name (pronounced Sow-Me-gal) is yet another delicious find from Portugal.  The mild maritime climate of Sao Miguel Island makes it ideal for dairy farming.  Sao Miguel cheese is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese aged for a minimum of nine months.  Its semi-firm paste is honey in color and contains scattered, uneven holes throughout.  The aroma is sweet and almost custard-like, while the texture is smooth and has quite the creamy mouth feel despite being an aged cheese.

Its flavors are unique and delicious.  Sao Miguel starts off sweet, and milky, but finishes with a subtle nutty, spicy flavor and sharpness that lingers nicely on your palate.  This cheese pairs well with any wine made with Garnacha grapes–my favorite being Veta Old Vines Garnacha.  It makes a wonderful addition to any cheeseboard!